A radically innovative way to make the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises, the classic retreat of Catholic spirituality, this creative and easy-to-use guide presents four retreats on inner peace that are, for the first time, accessible to anyone without getting away from ordinary life or meeting daily with a spiritual director.

For almost five hundred years, the Spiritual Exercises have been available only to priests and religious who could spend thirty days in silence under the guidance of a spiritual director. Now they are available to people in every stage of spiritual growth. Years of research and testing come together in Michael Hansen, S.J.'s, recreation of the way that St. Ignatius first gave the Exercises as he traveled with four companions, begging in bare feet and dressed in sackcloth. We will be doing the 4th retreat, "Inner Peace in the Service of God", this year at SJB.


Book will be available for purchase ($20) at the first session on Feb 24


Comments from a few SJB FSE participants from last 3 retreats

"...Come and learn the techniques! There is no expectation

for verbal sharing, just being together in community once a week to listen and pray is enough."

"The First Spiritual Exercises has introduced me to an

entirely new approach to prayer. Daily prayer is something I now look forward to and don’t want to miss. I have met parishioners I saw at Mass for years and now know as fellow Catholics striving for a deeper relationship with the Lord."

"This retreat is filled with beauty.You are“swept in” joy by the

scripture and urged to contemplate great treasures and mysteries. I felt renewed."

 "What surprised me is that I expected St. Ignatius’ exercises to be all about asking forgiveness for sinfulness and just a little bit about mediation and grace. It was so much more."